Frequently asked questions regarding our Free Counter

How do I use the "Best Free Counter" on my website?
Simply use the counter application to customize as needed, then insert the snippet code in your page.

Is the "Best Free Counter" safe to use on my website?
Yes, the counter is generated using JavaScript and is created to be intended as a useful tool to be used as needed.

Are there going to be future options available on the "Best Free Counter"
Yes, we will be creating many more UI options to customize your counter make the tools as flexible as useful.

Does the "Best Free Counter" collect any personal information?
No, the counter just uses the domain to validate the count to ensure that the count is accurate according to the webpage as to where is is applied.

Is your "Best Free Counter" page counter free to use?
Yes, our website counters are completely free to use.

Can we use more than one counter on various pages?
Yes, you can use any of the variations of the counter as you want on any of the pages.

Why is the "Best Free Counter" widget free for anybody to use?
Because the best things in life are free :)